Autora: Yadira Aguirre

Primera Lectura: 2 Re. 4, 42-44

Salmo: 144

Segunda Lectura: 4, 1-6

Evangelio seg

Odd are, you’ll come across tons of stuff in your rss feeds that you’d like to my feedback bookmark, but again, bookmarking everything from google reader wouldn’t make much sense
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Autora: Tanya de Galarza

Primera Lectura: Jer. 23, 1-6

Salmo: 22

Segunda Lectura: Ef. 2, 13-18

Evangelio seg

The ipod touch version seems as if it was supposed to have the same ability, but instead only displays in horizontal orientation when the screen has been turned off and then unlocked
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Autora: Yolanda Guerra

Primera Lectura: Am. 7, 12-15

Salmo 84

Despite the free-market rhetoric, the for-profit emo industry by survey this site itself isn’t viable, said alex molnar, the director of asu’s policy-studies lab and a critic of privatizing public education
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Autor: Rogelio Pedroza

Primera Lectura: Ezequiel 2, 2-5

Salmo 122

Segunda Lectura: 2

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